Why IPQGroup?

  1. Swiss Clock delivery. We make all the effort to deliver working and tested application just on time.
  2. Most professional engineers. Our Team is made of talents with years of experience in Hi-Tech industry.
  3. We lead you through whole  process – Our product and development specialists are here to lead you from an idea to real life application.If you have a great idea and you don’t know how to define it yet, we will help with product definition and show where you can save money, which features are going to be Buzz and which are irrelevant for the market and will help you understand current time end user needs.
  4. Excellent Communication – You can communicate with our specialist in any way you choose(Phone, Skype, Whatsapp, Slack and more…). And you can choose any of the following languages to communicate with us:  English, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian.
  5. IPQGroup provides a variety of services – Product design, Software architecture, Software development with top notch technologies especially for web and mobile applications, UX and UI design, Digital marketing and startup collaboration.
  6. Our unique and flexible business model allows our price structure to be very competitive in the market and provide great quality.
  7. IPQGroup is a young professional company that works with passion and hunger to success and every client is a partner for us. And your success is our success not just words, because we believe in partnership and when we create an application and see our partner getting it on time in better form than he expected and in less budget than he was willing to spent it means we succeeded.
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